Track My Stuff Car Tracker – What You Should Know

Track My Stuff Car Tracker is a premium car tracker available in South Africa. With so many car thefts and hijacks happening in South Africa every year, motorists have to be prepared. Having a car tracker has been shown to greatly assist in recovering stolen vehicles. This can save on insurance costs and insurance premium hikes. Whether you drive a Toyota, Mercedes, BMW or a jalopy; you need to get a car tracker!

Benefits of a Car Tracker

There are many benefits to having a Track My Stuff car tracker installed in your vehicle. Everything from lowering your premium to giving you a peace of mind. A car tracker is a great addition to have in your car and most South African drivers should have one installed.

Here are 4 reasons why:

  1. Lowers Your Risk Profile – Having a lower risk profile means lower insurance premiums and better insurance offers.
  2. Peace of Mind – Having peace of mind means less time worrying about where your car is parked and more time enjoying life.
  3. Crash Detection – Some trackers even offer a crash detection system that notifies help in the event you are in an accident.
  4. Logbook – A tracker creates a logbook of where you have been and when allowing you to retrace your steps. This is hugely beneficial for fleet management.

How does Car Tracking Work?

Depending on your goals, there are various car tracker options available to you. This can be either Radio Frequency tracking or tracking via Global System For Communication and Global Positioning System. These systems working in different ways to keep and eye on your vehicle. This device will be installed in your vehicle when you purchase the car tracker.

The tracker will then send signals via the communication channel to a central control system. The car tracker is connected to your cars battery but also carries its own emergency power supply. This allows the tracker to run for 8 hours when discounted from the battery.

When you vehicle is stolen, you will be able to alert the control center who will then send out a support team to track and retrieve your vehicle.

About Track My Stuff

Track My Stuff is the number one place to compare different car trackers to find the tracker that best suits your needs. This allows users to use one website to compare quotes, rather than phoning and pricing around.

The comparison service is free to use and earns its revenue off commission fees. This makes it easy and affordable for your to compare car trackers using Track My Stuff.

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