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Ford Ranger 2021 Review | Price & Specs

The bakkie market in South Africa is tight. You’re probably wondering what bakkie you’re going to take home. Here we’ll go over the specs and details that a prominent in the Ford Ranger XLT.

The Ranger succeeds in areas surrounding infotainment. Specifically, that is the superior voice control and sound quality, through the decades South Africans have been demanding better quality speakers, this is where the ford excels. The Ranger holds top notch suspension systems giving a gliding notion rather than the bumpy bakkie feel off-road. Adding to that the Ford Ranger has a higher carry rating than that of its competitors.  

Information Table

Make Ford
Model2.0 Single Turbo Double Cab XLT 10AT 4×4 HR
Year 2021
Vehicle Type Bakkie
Retail Price (New)R674,500
Ford Ranger internal

Features of vehicle

Engine2.0-litre Turbodiesel 4-cylinder
Power132kW @ rpm
Torque420 Nm @ rmp
Transmission10-speed AT
Fuel Consmption7.5 l/100km

The Ford Ranger XLT’s cannot get enough of their keyless entry and start capabilities. The infotainment system has access to Android Auto, Apple Carplay. Ford has integrated climate control into your smartphone giving you access before you enter your vehicle… neat.

Inside you’ll find a sleek autonomous emergency braking system and 2 function control screens adjacent to your speedometer, showing various display options. There are 2 USB ports, a 12-V outlet, and a USB port on the pedestrian monitor for dash cam integration. Once inside you’ll feel overwhelmed by the amount of plastic, there hasn’t been much change over the years. All round the vehicle feels compact and performs tasks well with a booming sound atmosphere. The Ranger XLT does have a sport look but that isn’t generally the part its known for.

Who its for?

The Ford Ranger XLT’s price is substantially cheaper than Toyota’s variant which can be a winning factor. Farming or any work that requires heavy lifting, constant off-road traveling, bundu-bashing, or even just enjoy having a spacious car, this vehicle is a choice to consider.

When it comes to urban lifestyle parking can be an issue. With its extra length, this car’s authority may be a bit much to shove in the typical town spaces. With all that said, The Ranger XLT is a great car to motor up mountains or take camping and should stick to the bigger world.

Ford Ranger on highway

How to insure Ford Ranger?

You have finally bought the car of your dreams, the Ford Ranger. This painstakingly beautiful car that just screams with cool factor. But now you realise how much you have spent and are wondering how you are going to insure your new bakkie?

One of the best places to get car insurance and compare car insurance quotes is with a broker. An insurance broker has access to and is in contact with various different car insurance providers. They can help you with many of your questions and find the best product for you and your car!

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