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Ford Ecosport 2021 Price & Specs

Ford, holder of one of South Africa’s most popular mini-SUVs, now boasts over 60,000 sales to date. It is no secret to the compact SUV’s success. With the main factors being affordability and ground clearance, the Ford Ecosport has steamrolled its way to the top of South African leaderboards. Being one of the first in South Africa has clearly been crucial in its current popularity.

Having the option to acquire SUV standard luggage space without having to pay the premium of a full SUV, cheaper running costs and high ground coverage and an outgoing look, young South Africans have a clear verdict for their favorite car. The Ecosport Whist being intended for Asian and South American soil, it has firmly rooted its place becoming one of the most popular supermini-SUV amongst South Africans.

Information Table

Year 2021
Vehicle Type (SUV, Sedan, Hatch, Bakkie, Bus) supermini-SUV
Retail Price (New) R303,400
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Features of The Ford Ecosport 2021

The 1.5-l petrol Ecosport offers classic front wheel driving with a fuel economy of 15.9 km/l. This mini-SUV can load up to 5 people in its seats along with the large luggage hold making it perfect for outdoor trips with company. The Ecosport’s safety features the anti-lock braking system with electronic break distribution (ABS with EBD), front dual airbags. Some cool additions include the rear parking sensors and adjustable front and rear headrests.

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The Ecosport Is For You

The Ford Ecosport is fit for someone looking to be able to bring the whole family with its five available seats, an outdoor adventurer with its spacious room and luggage area. Sporting its curved shape and mini-SUV qualities, it’s a dream car young adult. It versatile for almost all situations. The car contains all the standard and must-haves a car needs to be a hit. If you are living in the city and are considering using it to get around, it will require larger parking space and be a bit more pricy on the fuel consumption than a 1.2 or 1-litre engine. If those things don’t bother you then the Ford is a quality choice.

How to insure

You have finally bought the car of your dreams, the Ford Ecosport. This painstakingly beautiful car just screams with cool factor. But now you realize how much you have spent and are wondering how you are going to insure your new mini-SUV?

One of the best places to get car insurance and compare car insurance quotes is with a broker. An insurance broker has access to and is in contact with various different car insurance providers. They can help you with many of your questions and find the best product for you and your car!

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