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Volkswagen Polo Vivo Mswenko Review

Volkswagen Polo Vivo Mswenko Review

The Volkswagen Polo Vivo Mswenko is the newest edition to the Polo Vivo lineup and is the only Volkswagen to hold a purely South African nameplate. We have high hopes for Volkswagen Polo Vivo Mswenko as Polo Vivo is the best-selling passenger car model in South Africa for over 10 years and in total the manufacturer has sold over 265 000units of the Vivo. The name “Mswenko” (pronounced m-swe-nkoh) is a Zulu word meaning ‘swag.’ The question is, is the name of the Volkswagen Polo Vivo Mswenko referring to the car or its owners? 

In this Volkswagen Polo Vivo Mswenko 2022 review we’ll be discussing the features of the Volkswagen Polo Vivo Mswenko and for whom this fashionable, economic, and agile hatchback might be a good fit. The Polo Vivo Mswenko, much like the 1.4-Litre Polo Vivo Comfortline (from whom the inspiration for the Mswenko is drawn), is stylish, compact and swift on the road, sleek, and affordable. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of the Volkswagen Polo Vivo Mswenko for the current South African car market and how this hatchback differs from the 1,4-litre Polo Vivo Comfortline.  

Information Table

ModelPolo Vivo Mswenko
Vehicle Type (SUV, Sedan, Hatch, Bakkie, Bus)Hatchback
Retail Price (New)R246 900

Features of the vehicle

The Volkswagen Polo Vivo Mswenko’s design is based on the 1.4l Polo Vivo Comfortline, let’s see how they compare. With regards to the exterior, the Mswenko’s main feature is the decals on the sides of the car that include the “Mswenko” branding. They are sporty, young, and stylish – yet also tasteful. This zooty hatchback also comes with a chrome tip exhaust, 16-inch Portago alloy wheels in Anthracite, a black painted roof, privacy glass and the exterior mirrors on some models wore an anthracite finish (available in two colour variants).

The interior is just as fun and zooped up. The most noticeable change is the new and vibrant  Ocean Blue upholstery for the seats. Other interior features that you can expect to see in the Volkswagen Polo Vivo Mswenko are an anthracite headliner, silver dashboard inserts, App-Connect functionalities for the fancy Infotainment system, six speakers, and a leather package (soft-touch leather multi-function steering wheel, gearshift lever and gear knob). Another thing to note is that the boot space is 280-953 litres, depending on how you have arranged the seats. You can choose to add optional extras (there are many of them), but, be warned, they are incredibly expensive. 

Now, let’s have a look at the Volkswagen Polo Vivo Mswenko’s engine and power. The Mswenko comes kitted with a 1.4-litre naturally-aspirated engine that produces 63kW of power and 132Nm of torque. They come standard with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The Vivo Mswenko’s 0-100km/h time is 12.8 seconds, which is a little bit of let down, considering it is marketed as a quick and agile choice of vehicle. Overtaking can also be a tad bit unnerving. 

Who it’s for?

We would recommend the Volkswagen Polo Vivo Mswenko to a young single person or couple who are entering the car market and looking for a fashionable, affordable, and fuel-efficient option. The Mswenko is stylish and will get you quickly from A to B, but it certainly isn’t spacious nor should this hatch be considered in any way a workhorse. Where this car really thrives is in the city where you need to weave in and out of traffic and squeeze into tight parking spaces. Another factor that may influence your buying decision is that the warranty/service plan of 3 years or 120 000km is only an optional extra and does not come standard with the Volkswagen Polo Vivo Mswenko.

Car Specs

Engine Size1.4-litre naturally-aspirated
Fuel Consumption5.9 L/100km

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