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2022 VW Polo Sedan Review

2022 VW Polo Sedan Review

Since 2018, the VW Polo has been topping the car sales charts with over 80,000 Polos sold in South Africa and in 2022 VW intends to break their own records and introduce another version of the Polo – the 2022 VW Polo Sedan. Volkswagen released back in March 2021 that the popular car production company will be introducing the 2022 VW Polo Sedan in the third quarter of 2022. 

The VW Virtus has been sold in South America and India for quite some time and it seems that the 2022 VW Polo Sedan will be the 2022 VW Virtus which has been rebranded in South Africa as the VW Polo Sedan. Honestly, who knows why. The new Polo Sedan will be sourced in India and imported to South Africa, unlike the Polo hatchbacks which are manufactured in South Africa. 

Although not much information is yet known about the new Polo Sedan, here is the VW Polo Sedan Review – 2022:

Information Table

MakeVolkswagen (VW)
ModelPolo Sedan
Vehicle Type (SUV, Sedan, Hatch, Bakkie, Bus)Sedan
Retail Price (New)(Currently Unknown)

Features of vehicle

Many details of 2022 VW Polo Sedan are yet to be revealed, but there are some things that we do know.In this 2022 Polo Sedan review, the first feature to note is that the 2022 Polo Sedan will be significantly larger than the current, 2021 model. The Polo will measure 4562mm in length and 1752mm in width. This will make the car feel more solid and more in command of the road. 

We are also expecting an engine change. The current VW Polo Sedan model has either a 1.4l or 1.6l engine, the 2022 VW Polo Sedan is expected to have a 1.0l TSI turbo-petrol with 85kW and 178Nm model and a  1.5l TSI engine with specs of 110kW and 250Nm. The cabin of the 2022 VW Polo Sedan is similar to the current new Polos that are being manufactured in South Africa. 

The 2022 model is kitted with the VW Play touchscreen infotainment system and 8 built-in speakers to create an entertaining, sleek, and all-around fun driving experience. Smaller features include keyless entry, automatic front windscreen wipers (with a rain sensor), wireless device charging, and a reverse rear camera. The exterior is classy and classic combing a sleek rear end that draws its inspiration from the Audi A4 and the popular front aesthetic of the Hatchback Polo.

Who it’s for?

Volkswagen’s range of Polos is known for their durability, reliability, and efficiency. We would expect the 2022 VW Polo Sedan to be no different. This Polo is larger than the other models and has much more boot space than the hatchbacks. We recommend the 2022 VW Polo Sedan to family-oriented individuals. The back seats are comfortable and spacious for the passengers and the cock pit is intuitively designed. It is a great car for both short distance travelling to and from work, school, or other activities as well as an efficient and spacious car for long-distance travel around South Africa. 

Car Specs

Engine Size1.0l or 1.5l
Fuel Consumption(Currently Unknown)

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