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2022 Suzuki Vitara Brezza

2022 Suzuki Vitara Brezza

In this Suzuki Vitara Brezza review 2022, we’ll be having a look at the features you should look out for and we’ll be discussing who the new Suzuki Brezza is a perfect fit for. The Brezza falls 3rd out of 4 in Suzuki’s SUV lineup. This makes it larger than the Swift and Ignus, but smaller than the Vitara. The 2022 Suzuki Brezza will be dropping the Vitara prefix and venturing out on its very capable own. 

The 2022 Suzuki Brezza is expected to come out with a facelift and a better engine, which we’ll be getting into later in this Suzuki Vitara Brezza review 2022. Let’s face it, this car has won best selling SUV in India, Indian car of the year in 2017, and the 5th best car on the Indian market, we are sure it will prove to be a great success here in South Africa. 

Information Table

ModelVitara Brezza 
Vehicle Type (SUV, Sedan, Hatch, Bakkie, Bus)SUV
Retail Price (New)To be revealed 30 June

Features of vehicle

Suzuki has announced the 2022 Brezza’s arrival but we don’t know many yet at all. Right now, all we can do is have a look at the previous Brezza and draw conclusions from the other cars Suzuki has released in 2022 so far. One thing we do know is that the Brezza is known for its great power-to-weight ratios, making it an incredibly fuel-efficient car. The 2022 Brezza will be kitted out with Suzuki’s K15C engine which makes 103hp and 136Nm and it will come with a five-speed manual gearbox. There may also be a six-speed automatic gearbox on some varients. 

Some changes we can expect to see in the 2022 Suzuki Vitara Brezza are upgrades to the body panels and interior. The lights are also more stylish and angular. For example, the tailgate will be the brand spanking new horizontally-positioned wraparound tail lamps. A wonderful and exciting surprise that Suzuki has revealed recently is that they will be, for the first time ever, introducing a sunroof with the 2022 Brezza.

The interior is also expected to acquire some major changes like the all-new dashboard design. We may even see features like a 9-inch touchscreen, cruise control, and automatic climate control on the higher variants. All in all, the 2022 Suzuki Brezza is a reliable and stylish car that is considered fuel-efficient and, going off the previous models, quite affordable.

Who it’s for?

The 2022 Suzuki Vitaro Brezza is a great family car as it’s stylish, spacious, reliable, and fuel-efficient. The boot space measures up to rivals like the Ford Ecosport and the rear seats are collapsable, making the boot space enough to suit all common needs. The backseat area is also large enough to comfortably fit two average-sized adults. 

Unfortunately, Suzuki will only release the price on 30 June, but considering the previous models, we expect the price to make great competition with the compact SUV’s rivals. Either way, this SUV is great on the highway, rides well, and would make a wonderful car for a family or an active young person.  

Car Specs

Engine Size1.5-Litre 4-Cylinder
Fuel ConsumptionUnknown
Airbags2 Front

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