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Top Cars in SA in 2022 

Top Cars in SA in 2022 

The South African car industry improves every year and the new-vehicle market has shown a ton of promise so far in 2022. There have been incredible amounts of research and development that we can witness in the automotive industry. In January we saw a total of 41 382 new vehicles being sold across the country which is an increase of 19.55% compared to January 2020. We can clearly see that Toyota is a South African crowd favourite from their sheer amount of sales.  

Whether you are looking for a reliable family car, a workhorse, or a practical SUV, the South African car market in 2022 has your perfect match just waiting for you. Here is a list of our top cars in South Africa now in 2022: 

Toyota Hilux 

The Toyota Hilux has been the front runner for many years in the South African market. Many farmers buy the bakkies and it has become almost a symbol of South African farming, causing the Hilux bakkie range to be the best selling vehicle in the country.  The bakkie’s popularity has led to a multitude of model derivatives, making it even easier to buy the perfect model to fit your budget.  

This year Toyota has, as usual, added some minor upgrades to the Hilux range. The bakkies now have a new paint colour option, Platinum White Pearl, and tweaks have been made to the infotainment systems. One of these changes is that the navigation system has been completely eradicated from the system because Toyota customers find it easier to use navigation apps based on their mobiles.  

The Legend 4×2 has also been equipped with some features that were in the Legend 4×4 but were overlooked when it came to previous models of the 4×2. Leather seats are also now hanging out in the Hilux Xtra-cab Legend models. You can expect some useful upgrades to the Raiders as well. 

Toyota Starlet 

Unsurprisingly, Toyota has a second car on the South African favourites list. The Starlet is a new addition to the collection, but it surpassed all predictions by making a total of 1472 sales in January 2022. If we’re going to be totally honest, we have to point out that the Starlet is simply a rebadged version of the Suzuki Baleno. Due to the brand loyalty of the South African car market and the more affordable price point, the Starlet has been shaking up the South African automotive world.  

Overall, the Toyota Starlet is a practical and agreeable car that is worth each cent that you spend on it. We consider it the definition of bang for your buck. The low-end, base model Starlet comes in at almost R20 000 cheaper than the Baleno, making it the obvious choice for South Africans looking for a responsible car. The engine needs a little bit of extra oomph but overall it’s a great car to zoot down the highway in.  

Suzuki Swift 

If you’re looking for a small and reliable, yet spunky, fun, and affordable vehicle, the Suzuki Swift is the car for you. The Swift made its rebranded come back around the same time that the Fiat 500 was resurrected, but unlike the Fiat 500, the Swift proved to catch the eye of a large portion of the car market in South Africa.  

The Suzuki Swift has a positively surprising amount of space considering the tiny stature of the car and the Sport model is known to pack a punch. With the switch to mildly hybridise the Swifts, the fuel consumption has improved but, unfortunately, the cost and performance of the car have taken a knock in the process.  

Isuzu D-Max 

Many South African are eagerly sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the Isuzu D-Max 2022 launch. Coming in behind the Toyota Hilux, the D-Max is the second best-selling bakkie in the country. The 2022 model has already been released in the UK, so we can expect similar spec upgrades, cutting costs here and there to make the bakkie more affordable to the South African market.  

The UK version comes with automatic headlights with high beam assist, automatic wipers, speed-sensitive power steering, DAB radio, and a stop-start system – to name only a few of the upgrades. So, we definitely have a winner waiting to be uncovered.  

All in all, the South African automotive industry prospects for 2022 are looking positive for both dealers and buyers. The cars mentioned above and others including the new VW Polo, VW Polo Vivo, the Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Urban Cruiser, and many others are becoming strong contenders and are definitely considered top cars in the country at the moment. Picking the new car that will suit your family and business needs, as well as your budget, will be a complete pleasure this year.  

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